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“This was a place for folks that knew the best and hardest-earned secrets in life.” Read my feature piece published in June as the lead story on “Inside golf’s ‘Field of Dreams’: The story of the Halifax Holes.

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I understood what Mr. Kendall had alluded to hours earlier – Halifax wasn’t to be played as much as shared. 

Global Golf Post

Most importantly, Thornberry hits it. Hard. As though there wasn’t anything to it — or any other way to do it, than swinging hard and hitting it a mile.

Jackson Free Press

Cameras trailed his walks up the fairway, hugging closer than the yardage book slotted in Randolph’s back pocket. After a rookie season in relative obscurity, Randolph was now front and center.

Bash Brothers Media

It wasn’t another ranking we needed, but a guide. People head to the course for all different kinds of reasons — that’s the beauty of the game.

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